Jack L. 

The Larchmont was such a good place. My friends and I hang out in here a lot because we love their menu and dishes so much. For us, the place and ambiance of the restaurant doesn’t really matter as long as the food they serve are always good. However, in The Larchmont, they both have great food quality so it is always such a good idea to visit this place. 


Ella D. 

I’m not really fond of restaurants before and I’m always the type of person who prefers fast food than elegant places like this one. But when someone dragged me to this place and showed me how much it looks great from the inside and out, not to mention its great dishes and crew, I became very interested in it eventually. Now, I come here often after work which already became a habit of mine or probably a routine every Sunday. I find it so relaxing and comfortable to eat at The Larchmont so I guess that’s the reason why I keep coming back. 


Jay H. 

My family and I already became customers ever since I was still a teen. The friendly crews are the ones that gave me the best impression of this restaurant. It’s so amusing how they treat the customers very warmly and with welcoming vibes unlike in other places. Growing up, I also saw how this place grew much bigger and better. It’s fascinating that everything in this place always improves such as the menu, the dishes, the interior designs and others. 


Justin S. 

It’s always so good to dine in such a great place like The Larchmont and be relaxed at the same time. But honestly, I am also fond of their programs and events all the time which made me support the restaurant more.