Where can I see your menu? Is it available on this website or not? 

Yes, it is available on our website. To view the menu, just go to the ‘menu’ section located on the top part of this site and there you can see every dishes listed on our menu. 

Hi, I’ve always wanted to visit the place but apparently, it’s too far from my location. I just want to ask if it is possible to contact you and order from your restaurant? 

Hello, thank you for the thoughts about visiting our restaurant. We apologize if the place is too far from yours, however, if you want to visit us personally, you can see the locations of our other branches and see where you are nearest to. Yes, it is also possible to order from us, if you would like to do it, just send us a message on our contacts or call us on the numbers given on this website. 

I always think about visiting your restaurant, however, when I do, it’s always fully booked. I want to ask how I can make reservations for this place. 

We apologize if we are fully booked most of the time. Know that it’s a good idea to reserve your seats. In order to do so, just send us a message on our email addresses and we will make sure to reserve your table as soon as possible. 

Do you have free parking areas? 

Yes, we certainly have free parking for all our customers. 

Do you have any branches internationally as well? 

Unfortunately, we are still in the planning process of deciding about establishing our own branches internationally, however, we do think so that it is such a good idea. The probability of building them are huge so please anticipate it!