The Larchmont restaurant was established years and years ago by a chef and a great hotel manager from the past. It was his passion to cook for other people because he was always fond of creating dishes that will make others satisfied and happy. Besides, food can make someone feel better when they’re in a bad mood. That is another reason why he always cooks for those he cares about. Until he finally grew up and eventually, he found himself not just wanting to make dishes for the people he cares about but for others he might not know as well. 

As a student, he learned about the things he wanted to do the most — and that was cooking. He wanted to improve and know how to be a great chef which happened not too long after studying. Being a chef, he was contented with his profession but something inside him tells that he wants to do more or probably, create his own restaurant. When he decided to push this idea, he started saving up to build his own restaurant. With the help of other people who got his back and supported him all the way, he became successful with his decisions and plans.  

Now, The Larchmont is one of the greatest restaurants ever built in Milwaukee. It is elegant yet relaxing and comfortable to dine in at the same time. People loved his dishes and even his place. Not to mention that he also chose to create programs, projects, and hold events for a good cause. By doing it, he doesn’t just get to do his passion, but he was also able to campaign for some projects and do something good for other people with the help of staff, clients, and customers. The Larchmont wishes to serve for a very long time and do great things at the same time.